Pricing — up to you

scrutch is free and it’s not. It has a simple and honest pricing model: If you like it and use it, it is only fair to pay for it, right? If and when that time comes is 100 % your decision.

One of the core principles of scrutch is that you can quickly jot down notes and ideas in any browser at any time. We won’t put any barriers (like login or paywall) in front of that, ever.

A privacy friendly side effect: Since we don’t force users to create an account to pay, we can’t link payment information to encrypted content on scrutch.

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You like it and you’re bold.

Cool! Help to maintain and develop scrutch by giving a reasonable amount every month or year.



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You like it, but fear subscriptions.

We’ve been there. You can support scrutch with a one-time “donation” while making up your mind.

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You want to host your own instance.

Although scrutch is a truly end-to-end encrypted service, there may be some use-cases where you want to host your own instance of it. For instance, if you want to run it behind a firewall, use your custom branding or want to keep the encrypted data in your own hands for regulatory reasons.

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Payments and subscriptions are handled by Paddle. Your payment information doesn’t touch our servers, nor can it be linked to content stored with scrutch. After check-out you’ll receive an invoice, including VAT, if applicable. If you have questions or problems regarding adjustments or cancellation of recurring payments, do not hesitate to reach out: